Smartphone Screen Portrait

silver salts on fiber papers, 12,5x20,5cm

2015 - work in progress

In these photograms of cell phones, it is captured the light emitted by them when unlocked, which corresponds to the “lock screen”, the first interface we’re presented to when accessing the device. Taking advantage of the possibility we have of changing the lock screen background picture, it is proposed to the owners of the cell phones to choose the most recent photo they have of themselves on their cell phone. Without changing the brightness of any screen and having every photogram the same time of exposure – one second – it is obtained different images, depending on the intensity of the screen brightness and on the ratio of light and dark of the chosen photograph.

André Martins



João Alves

Maria João Costa

Tâmia Dellinger

Alexandre Guerreiro

Mariana Marote

Marta Crespo